the time has come for

catching up, cleaning up and packing up!
we are outta here!

jason and i scurried over to lake powell with his family right after graduation.
we took a little (long!) drive to the grand canyon during our trip.
it was quite the world wonder. the trip was good and fun—and now
we're back to real life, which is a very good thing.
time to catch up on all of the processing/editing/posting photos for clients
(aren't you pumped!) and cleaning up the apartment and packing up the
apartment because we are moving, seriously moving! to southern CA now.
(or within the next week.5)

it feels like we had been talking about this move forever and now it's here. crazy.

on a totally unrelated note (or maybe not totally unrelated):
new posts on orchid today!
and more posts coming up this week. (i've been a busy girl.)
so keep an eye out. there are some cute shoots coming on out of here!


Nicole Marie said...

how exciting!! good luck with the move!

Cassie said...

The thought of moving kind of makes me cringe, but the thought of the next adventure is fun fun fun!
Best wishes & much love!!!

Becky said...

How exciting!! We will miss you... but can't wait to come visit!!

Michaela said...

You guys will have such a great living in CA! If you need any help moving let us know!! Really!! :)