this morning Jason ran into our room

(image found here)

saying "Guess what! Guess what!"
I was a tad startled—naturally.
"Look outside! It's sunny today."

The weather doesn't change much here, coming from a place where
the weather is totally and completely bi-polar every, single day
(cloudy, no sunny, no raining, no hailing, no sunny....) this is
something we're going to have to get used to. I keep having an odd,
creepy feeling that a big storm is brewing up something good.
Things can't stay warm and sunny for this long, can they? It's unnatural.

I also haven't quite figured out which stations to set my preset buttons to.
(if there are any so-cal peeps listening in: please insert your recommendation
here.) The second day here I was sitting in the car with Jason's mother and
we flipped through those buttons (the ones previously set in SE Idaho). Each
station was a new nationality of music! Spanish music, Vietnamese music,
something that might have been a cross between Chinese and German (ok, so 
I have no clue). There was, however, a classical button. We stuck with that one.

So anyway, my presets are useless and that leaves me to channel surfing.
And I wasn't going to say anything, but I'm not sure if that's the safest
activity while driving in a foreign city. It could be unhealthy.

I like preset buttons, I like to use them. I think it sort of
means you really live where you say you live.

You know—proof.

Don't ask me why I need proof of address.
We've got several bills in the mail already to give us enough of that.


Laura said...

You don't know me. I went to school with Jason, but I used to live in Diamond Bar (just outside Brea). The most useful radio station preset is AM 1070. Every ten minutes, on the 5's they give the traffic report for the freeway systems. It is invaluable especially during traffic time. Good luck.

Battfam said...

Glad you are there and are getting used to the place. Good luck finding the tunes you like.

Lucy said...

We had lots of sunshine today too. Maybe even more than you. Work was hot, but we're getting closer to getting corn out of the garden!
good luck finding your favy radio station. we still listen to Liza.

Unknown said...

I know, there is a ton of foreign music, and there's some good stuff too. What do you like? I like 104.3, they play a bit of everything- new stuff and the tunes that take me back to high (or even jr. high) school. If you like Ryan Seacrest he's on in the mornings on 102.7, Paul calls it the gangster station, or a good country one is 95.1 or 105.1. Good luck!