a short love story about a girl and yogurtland

Jason got a gift card to Yogurtland from his mentor (I still giggle a little
bit when I say that Jason has a mentor) at school. Well this made me
pretty much pumped because I love frozen yogurt and there are a few
fro-yo joints round these parts that are begging to be tested out. Jason was
happy to go because we had a gift card and he likes almost anything.
I was in love the minute we walked in the door. The fresh and simple
design was calling me by name, the selection of flavors was fantastic
and the sampling of toppings were perfect. Once I took the first bite
I knew that me and Yogurtland were about to be hommies for life.
(honestly the best, creamiest fro-yo ever. ever. promise.)
After we finished up and were getting ready to leave (but don't you
worry, I was plotting my quick return) I saw something so sad.
Heartbreaking actually.

Yogurtland cheated on me.

After viewing their seamless, simple design and giving a swift
nod of approval I saw it. The swanky little harlot that has managed
to sneak her way into craft stores, book covers, wedding invitations,
clothing, business fronts, stationary, you name it.


(did I just hear "dun–dun–dun" in my ears?)

Oh no! Not Yogurtland!

Sorry dude. We had a nice run you and me, but I just can't say you're
my fave if you have three full length posters fully set in Papyrus.

I'll try to get over you.
(but not yet because we still have half of our
gift card to use and hey, I don't believe in being wasteful.)


suzy said...

oh my word that's so funny.
i feel just as strongly about lucida handwriting and curlz mt.
fistshaking rage, kind of.

Sydney said...

ha. this made me laugh and brought me all the way back to randalls class! it just makes you cringe doesn't it?! goodness.

glad to see you guys are doing so great! i'll miss seeing you around campus this last year ... but I'm sure you won't ;)

the h fam. said...

hahahaha that dang papyrus is EVERYWHERE!!! that's funny you noticed it! ........still waitin on that full tour of your apt. stat.

Trevor and Rebecca said...

oh my goodness geri you crack me up.. when I read that I was expecting to read something REALLY bad.. you crazy girl! :) You should talk to the owners. That sounds pretty serious.

I miss you Geri!! Come home. Come back to school. I know you miss it.
Seriously though, I hope you're having a great time there! Love ya!

Lucy said...

what the heck is wrong with Papyrus? Here I was thinking it was all cool.

Anna said...

HAHAH papyrus, that dirty whore.

Kylee said...

Im embarrassed to say that papyrus can be found on my wedding announcement. Really what was I thinking!? Obviously I wasn't. Boo.

the dingbat (Adrienne) said...

Barf is all I can really say about Papayrus. Maybe they had in intern design it?

angela hardison said...

hilarious! just found your blog via kate lines (and voted for your husband).

i love yogurtland too but was basically sooo mad when i saw those papyrus posters the first time, especially because their other branding is great. speaking from experience, i'm sure they paid a great design firm to do all the initial branding and then either had an in-house "designer" or intern do it.... so sad.

but really, the fro yo can't be beat.

mandyface said...

This is hilarious. I instantly love you. (I mean that in a completely non-creepy way).