in exactly eight days

i will be walking with jason in our college graduation.

but until then i will be running full-speed trying to
accomplish way too much for such little time.

we are doing a pretty amazing project for my identity design class.
we have the opportunity to design an entire branding system for a local
decency organization called Citizens for Decency. we were split into 
four groups taking the brand into four very different directions and
which ever brand is chosen will go live.

with the group i am working in we are doing a very photographic-based
brand and i was chosen to head the photography and lots of family,
friends and community peeps came out for the shoot.
thanks so much everyone!
(this my sissie bobbi and her oldest, carter)


Caley said...

yay!! graduation! i'm so excited for you guys!! and i will always love your pictures! you have such an amazing eye and style for genuine beauty! don't stop posting when you move away....

Kim-may said...

such a cute pic of bobbi

ashley mikell said...

Congrats on graduation! way to to on the project. Awesome you were chosen to head the photography part. And beautiful shot of Bobbi!

Cassie said...

tick tick tick ....
ready or not your time has come! Don't you just love knowing that in a couple of days all these dead-lines will be gone?
Darling pic of Bobbi & Cart. I love pics of moms & their boys.

Battfam said...

Way to hang in there and get the job done. Great picture too.

Lucy said...

Very nice!
Time is flying by and we'll soon be saying congrats to you both!

Bobbi said...

I apologize about my hair. It honestly didn't look that bad when I left the house...or maybe it did? sad-

jason said...

i like you