we can text now

because we're super hip like that.

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so i'll just catch ya up real quick on what ya missed last week:

my front, passenger tire blew up. (in driggs. i drove home at 45 mph. on a doughnut.
no fear of speeding tickets that round! that's right. i'm a little bit afraid of the popo
now that i've got myself one shiny, little ticket on my record. my meeting at the court
house resulted in me having a little chat with, we'll call him Bill because well, that's
his name, and Bill telling me that speeding tickets aren't that big of a deal so pay up
and go home. he also added a little story of hurting his shoulder playing frisbee golf
in there somewhere not to make me feel more like a loser with zero idea of when and
when not to take something to court.)
our toaster oven smokes and flames come from the bottom burner whenever turned
on. (not ideal for cooking food.)
one of my fave rings turned my finger green today (classy.)
i hacked into my right pointer knuckle while on the job.
i then proceeded to half-faint when i saw the blood. (kind of embarrassing. but my
boss has some really awesome band-aids!)
when at the best local print shop i unintentionally flipped a bobby-pin at the
employee's head when pulling my jump-drive from my front pocket. (umm. tacky?)
and speaking of tacky; somehow whenever i open a door of my car a water bottle or
something falls out and hits the ground rolling. (can life get better?)

jason thinks my schedule is wound a bit too tight. 
no time to clean out my car. and no time to take it to the car wash either! (it enjoyed
quite a mud bath a few weeks back. i super-soaked it with a pressure washer, but
couldn't squeeze in any more time for it than that.)


Lucy said...

so glad that you can text now!

Cassie said...

You're THIS close to being white trash.
But I am too, so I still love ya.

Caley said...

haha your posts always make me laugh! i too am glad you can text now! :)

the dingbat (Adrienne) said...

Geri! I'm so glad I didn't have to drive you to the hospital for stitches. we all wouldn't have fit in my car since your tire had blown ;)

Bobbi said...

hey---I texted you yesterday and you didn't text me back! What's is up with that?? :)