it looks like lettuce.

it must be like lettuce.
i think i'll just pretend it's lettuce.
in today's basket i got something i can't remember the name of.
the lady that was helping me told me what it was called.
she also told me that it was really good in stir fry.
but i did get lots of familiar items as well.
a honey dew.
some grapes.
a big bunch of romaine lettuce.
red bell peppers, big tomatoes, corn.
and lots more. of course.
do you eat your grapes frozen?
like a little ball of icey goodness.


Cat said...

lovely! I love the look of the 'lettuce' - let us know how it turned out and what you did with it!

Austin & Aubree Egbert said...

hahaha. I got that lettuce stuff in my basket today too!! haha. And the lady told me it was good in stir fry too and salads. ha. It starts with a B I know that. haha. It's like Bochikwa or something. haha. I can't remember what it's called either. haha. :) and I'll have to try my grapes frozen sometime. sounds good. :)

Kellie said...

Boc Choy?

EB said...

Bok Choy is what it is called. I counted 18 of them. I told Eric he must have given me some of theirs as well as his Mother-in-laws. He said they had 18 too. Maybe we'll have to give Bro. Wai a call.

lauren said...

YES YES YES!!! I LOVE my grapes frozen!

Oh and I already tried the Bok Choy in stir fry with the red pepper and it's pleasant to the taste! Good luck!

Unknown said...

bok choy is right!

thanks guys for helping me out with that one.
i was calling it "bot chi" or "boot chewy".
a little off.
"bochikwa" is a good one aubree.

there were officially 21 of the little devils in my basket today so if you're feeling gypped i'll share.

suzy said...

i LOVE frozen grapes.