i'm going to level with you

i have a little issue.
it's personal.
(no making fun.)

i'm a sweater.
(insert winter clothing pun here.)

and it's not a fun little problem to have.

yep. this one's all about sweat.
(if you have a weak stomach and would like to
leave now i wouldn't be offended.)

i love gray.
but i can't really wear it.
in fact there are lots and lots of things i can't really wear.
(shouldn't is a better word: i still wear them. even though i shouldn't.)

so the other day when i was in the local grocer i spotted the new(ish)
secret clinical-strength de-o.

i have used it for two days and never sweat so much in my life!
like a freakin faucet. talking major tacos (jason hates that term.)

 secret lies. hardcore.


Caley said...

this stuff: http://www.certaindri.com/Pages/CD_Home is the bomb-diggity regarding sweat! ;) just follow the directions and NEVER shave right after putting it on!!

Lucy said...

It will go away some day....or maybe you should hook up with Caley's stuff.
sorry about the pits. Aunt Grace has it, too.

Breezie said...

I'm with ya...Except I got lucky and my 20's have been a lot less sweaty than my teens. I use Mitchum brand though....it works alright...but my fav is the stuff you put on at night from the doctor...not sure what it's called! Good luck fellow sweater :)

Tyrel and Brianne Garner said...

So in High school I had the same prob! I would actually change my shirt half way through the day sometimes. So I went to the doctor and he perscribed something to me called dryson or something like that. It makes your armpits raw and I would only use it once a week but then I started to not sweat that much, and I used it once a month then I really didnt sweat to much and I havent used it in 3 years! you should look into it cuz it changed my life! ;)

Cassie said...

Some how that prob skipped a generation for me and my darling daughter Josie deals with it. Thanks to all of you for your wise pit wisdom. I'll pass it on to her.
(I'm so with Jason on the taco term.)

Taylor said...

I had this problem too. The perfect remedy for me was trying this product called Certain-Dri. I got it at CVS. It's a roll-on and you put it on (NOT after you shave!!!) and it burns, but for me it was SO effective.

Use it as much as you need and eventually the sweating will decrease.

I swear by it!
Hope this helps...

Kristi said...

I too have tried secret's clinical-strength de-o and it was horrible! I'll stick to my Dove and away from all the clothing that shows how much I sweat... Which I hate because I want to wear them all so badly...

Lindsey said...

I'm such a sweaty Betty. Totally sucks in during summer weddings :)

Trevor and Rebecca said...

Geri.. one word... DRYSOL! It will do you wonders, I promise! It's a prescription though, so you have to get it from your doctor. It's worth it!

Kristi said...

Wow I totally USE to be the sweatiest girl I knew in high school so embarassaing I can't tell you the amount of things I did to cover it up or dry my pit area I hated it. Seriously can't express how much it sucked. Then of all things one day I was sitting with my now husband and somehow we got on the sweating subject as we were dating he told me to use CERTAIN-DRI and seriously I don't sweat at all, like I don't even have to worry about using regular deodrant everyday, I can wear whatever I want whenever I want even if it is a million degrees outside. This stuff is heaven sent - I use it every other day and totally have it stocked up in my house. like other said I get it at Walgreens, CVS and even Wal-mart. White box red and green writing. Best thing ever next to Lasik !!