snatched this 18 piece dish set up at d.i.
*local(ish) thrift store. only 15 dolla dolla bill ya'll.
last time i got dishes jason wondered about them.
but he got over that pretty quick.
not scared to eat off these babies at all! (false)
*they still smell a little bit like smoke/oldness after 3 washes.
any ideas on how to fix that?
if not, it's ok. i still love them. (true)


Lucy said...

maybe put some chlorox in?? maybe not Anyway, those are cute dishes.
*note. when you move, dishes are heavy.

Cassie said...

Vinegar will work too.

Taylor said...

They're adorable! Hope many delicious meals for you guys are to be eaten off these plates in the future. My mom told me she wants me to have her grandmother's old china, and I am thrilled to death to receive it down the line!

Tyrel and Brianne Garner said...

Im jealous of your plates! i dont know how to fix the stink.. When I need to fix a stink I spray febreeze all over it.. but I dont know if that fixes plates

Audrey said...


shelley said...

soak them in baking soda or maybe like above... vinegar and baking soda overnight?
good luck :)

the dingbat said...

put them in the dishwasher and pour in a WHOLE canister of country time lemonade powder. Not only will it leave your dishwasher spaklely clean, but usually will remove weird smells and stains on the dishes.