reason 24 why i love my husband

it's his birthday today (24—happy birthday! did i tell you
that i forgot how old he was for a minute. that was embarrassing.)

and he gets pumped about pretty much whatever he gets.
(and he got of shirts and clothes and stuff.)

i guess he keeps his expectations low.
i like that. it's smart.
jason's birthday agenda: work
                                                                                                        baseball game
                                                                                                        stake meetings

maybe we'll party next weekend?
sounds good.


Audrey said...

HAPPY freaking BIRTHDAY Jason!!!

ashley mikell said...

Happy Birthday Jason! What a handsome cousin you are! I hope everything is going great! Love you guys!

Lucy said...

Happy Birthday to Jason!
GREAT photo.

Cassie said...

We hope you had an awesome day Jason!! Many loves & hugs from us.

the hawker's said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday Jason!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great one! yes, party next weekend. that's a GREAT idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

Geri, this is a great picture! :)
Happy Birthday Jason!

-Karli Shae

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MommaHobbs said...

Geri please give my belated birthday wishes to your amazingly awesome husband. I also love and adore him and wish him all the very best life has to offer:)