my basket runneth over

today i had my bountiful basket first.
$15 for tons of apples, mini peach things (i'm sure there is a real name),
3 giant oranges, a box of blackberries, a carton of strawberries, a head
of beautiful lettuce, 2 giant cucumbers, 2 yellow squash things (someone
needs to fill me in on what to do with those),  6 avocados, lots of pretty
red tomatoes and a freakin coconut. whoa.
totally worth fifteen bucks.

we're going to be so healthy.
i told you i wanted to eat lots of lettuce.
well now i'm going to eat lots of avocados and squash.

i decided to start it off with a delightful tomato sandwich.
*yes. that is a sandwich sitting on the pretty little plate that i am
a tiny bit afraid of. i can handle it. i'm a big girl.


McKenzie @ Girl Loves Glam said...

I want to try those! I have heard great things about them! I am also glad to see that someone else likes tomato sandwiches! I just had one today!

Caley said...

ok i'm totally doing this! you've convinced me!

Caley said...

oh, with the yellow squash: slice it like a cucumber, grill or steam it [i prefer steam] then just add a bit of butter and salt and pepper! [squash is like my fav veggie--can you tell?]

Taylor said...

You should totally grill the squash.

I cut one up, rub a little extra virgin olive oil on, and smack some pepper on.

Then I grill away with the Foreman!

It's soooooooo delish and healthy.
Have fun!

Kim said...

I do this too. It is fantastic!

Lucy said...

your tomato sandwich does look good. We've got to get some planted for sure.

EB said...

Where did you get your basket? NiCole and I picked ours up at Pinacle.

Unknown said...

mckenzie: totally love tomato sandwiches and radish sandwiches. jason still isn't too sure about either.

taylor and caley: mmmm! i'm thinkin about firing up the george today for some grilled squash (i'm still a little nervous)

auntie ellen: i went to the hospital. it was real organized and quick. i think i like the set up there.

Bobbi said...

Yum. I would love the avocados!! They are delicious on sandwiches or with cottage cheese. :)

Claire Elizabeth said...

I am ALWAYS craving avocado. yumm.

Michaela said...

Hey we did our first basket this week too! We had been wanting to try it for months, and finally got around to it. I LOVE it!! I can't believe how much great stuff you get for only $15!!