have you seen

this video?

i cried.

if you have not heard of stephanie nielson
(and you probably have. she was on oprah)
it's time to read up.
her love for her family and for motherhood is
refreshing and inspiring.

i am so excited to be a mom, but it's not my turn yet.

it's going to be quite a journey for us to have children.
but i think i am grateful for the added obstacles.
we all have them in our lives. they are what keep us grounded.
they are what keep our eyes open to what really matters.

and maybe i'll remember these obstacles on the days of utter chaos.

maybe not.

but i hope i learn the lessons that are provided to us
because of the obstacles that are put in our path.

so instead of being a better parent (because i cannot work on that
goal w/o children) i decided that it's time to be a better person.

i can do that.

it's always a good time to have a change of heart.

so i guess i won't insert my complaints about my stresses here.
maybe next time.
(sad but true—old habits die hard.)

anyway, i really hope you watch the video.


Kenya said...


this blog is great, you write almost like poetry!! keep it up :)

Haley and Jon said...

I think you can work on being a better parent before you have children. If you work on patience and selflessness, that will definitely help you be a better parent (among a million other things).

Lindsey said...

love your blog! and yes, i love her too! :)

mckenzie said...

very sweet geri.

Sydney said...

aw Ger! I miss you. You're so great a saying things in a beautiful way. I hope everything is going great for you guys back in home-sweet-home :) YAY for only one more semester!