we celebrate with pancakes and other breakfast foods.

or at least that's what we decided to start our first day of our week of freedom.
we went to a little pancake place (not going to name names) for breakfast.

the little pancake place we ate breakfast today wasn't so fantastic in the

pancake area, but it was tasty tasty in the omelet/hash-brown department.
(i ordered a huckleberry pancake and jason ordered the omelet. it was the first
time in the history of us that he out-ordered me. i guess it had to happen some time.)

anyway... finals=ova!
for one little, measly week.
but i'll totally take it.

we've got lots planned for our week.
like work and reading and photos and work and ummm...
maybe we don't have lots planned. but we sort of wanted it that way.

we only have to do this finals thing one more time. sa-weet!

i think i'll go shower now. (yes. that's why i'm pulling the hat
down in my glamor shot. but jason looks real good.)

today is going to be a very good monday.

(i like good mondays. bad mondays suck.)


Lucy said...

Yes, it is a good Monday.

Haley and Jon said...

I am glad you guys made it through your second to last finals week of undergrad. Way to go!

Unknown said...

Hey we ate there too and I got a huckleberry pancake too and it was way doughy.. i wasnt impressed..

Taylor said...

I HATE when I out-order my boyfriend. I feel like such a pig! But I have recently come to the conclusion that I just have a bigger stomach. Haha. cute hat!

Unknown said...

I can never out-order my boyfriend, I always give him my left overs ;D

Dreamer said...

Super cute blog :)