last night i took a sleeping pill

because my neck was in a lot of pain (because i spent too many
 hours looking down while working my coper plates for my
printmaking final. i still pretty much like printmaking though.)

and today i am one loopy little girl!
(my head feels like it could maybe roll off my head.)

no more sleeping pills for me. thank you very much.

don't forget to pick your favorite photobecause today is the
last day to enter the photo giveaway!

p.s. it keeps pretending to be spring and then changing its mind.
i'm getting a little annoyed with the weather out there.


Battfam said...

Hang on. You'll be through with this semester soon.

Hannah said...

I love your website. Everything is so cute!

Emily said...

Hi Geri! I vote for #8 because the colors are all so gorgeous together! ;)

& i'm dying for some of your talent to hang on my wall.

the hawker's said...

haha i can attest to the loopiness. you are hilarious, lady!

love ya!

The Gearys said...

Geri! haha so this is kinda crazy but I was looking at someone elses blog when I noticed the blog name "Me and Him" and I thought that sounded cute so I clicked on it.. come to find out it was you! You might not remember me, but we took interior design class together our freshman year in college! I love your blog and I am glad to see that you and Jason are doing well!

The Gearys said...

Sorry I didn't answer back for a while! But no I changed my major, I am now an ELED major and I love it. I really enjoy interior design but it just wasn't exactly what I wanted to do as a career. However you seem like you are rockin' it! Your photography and your skill for design is absolutely wonderful!