it's a mad-house up in here!

spring semester is starting tomorrow. gag.
(yep, that means more whining from me sorry dudes.)

but this is the very last one for my little self
and i'm pretty darn happy about that!

there have not been any more mishaps with the neighbors
as of late. but i did enjoy all of your cookie suggestions.
really creative.

anyway, here are a few little photo sessions i've been cookin up.
and you thought i was on vacation!

catch ya lata, i gotta get back to work.


Unknown said...

Wow, I just love your photos <3

Annette said...

Look awesome-as usual!

Heather M said...

Great pictures! You're really talented. I'm Pete Hanson's sister, Heather. Just hoping to catch a few more pics of him and Laken!