if this is your yard/retro camper-trailer

i love it. lots.
and i'm not a creeper. just couldn't help myself.
i had to pull over and take a photo of that little scene.

i love idaho in the spring time.
(i hate all of the pollen/dust/field-fires/what-ever-comes-out-of-the-
ground-after-the-snow-melts. those are not good things. i'm allergic.)

yesterday was the most beautiful day of all!
i try not to take it personal when it's so beautiful and then gets so ugly
and snows or something terrible like that; but i think after yesterday i'm
going to start taking it real personal. and i might take back what i just
said about loving spring-time-idaho despite all of its allergen crazyness.
(ok, maybe i've been taking it real personal since march. but now there might
be a rumble or something!) i just want my spring time to come in peace.

p.s. random question: what in the world do i do to get rid of spammers?!?
i have the word verification activated in the comments area and all that.
it's kind of becoming a problem—over the past few days i have had 7 spam
messages. and i think that's a bit much.

so if you are a spammer—lay a little easy on me for a while will ya?


suzy said...

ugh. i have the same question. i don't have the word verification thing; i just set it so that every comment gets sent to my email and then i just go through and delete the spammers. so at least they never make it onto my actual blog. i wonder if someday they'll get tired of trying? sigh.

Lucy said...

I hate spam both on the computer and in the can.

Jolena said...

I just started my own blog (last night literally), and came across yours. I just wanted to say that I don't blame you for wanting to get a picture of that snazzy residence. It is pretty cool. :)

One.Young.Professional said...

You should get a netipot to help with all of your allergies! My boyfriend has got it the worst and used it Sunday- and has relief ever since. Its kinda gross but completely worth it.

Taylor said...

Sorry about your spam problem...I wish I could help!

But I do love your photo. And your photography in general! I think my favorite part of this picture is the sunlight streaming in, sort of blinding that side of the picture.

Keep posting the pics!!:)

Lauren said...

cuuuute! lovin the sun peekin out in the photo, you are talented!

Savannah Uri said...

I think it's cool that you're LDS. It is amazing how many people that I have found who are LDS just going through blogs. I'm glad you've had the gospel.