i am project girl

this week has been maybe one of the hardest weeks ever.
(i say that because i'm sure there have been harder weeks before
but i can't remember them so they don't count. naturally.)

but the sweet lady at the floral shop gave me these little yellow
button-mums for free and i said thanks and put them in my windowsill.

(after i used them for a project. i am project girl. my mom always called
me that when i was little and i guess some things just don't change.)

finals. gag.
(and gag on all crackers and slim-fast-type-shakes
and deli-meat sandwiches. totally hate them right now.)

i'm just happy i have jason around. w/out him i would forget to eat at all.
and then i would just be sick and grumpy all of the time.
i think that's another reason i like him so much.

oh. and p.s. my favorite time of year is here!
i look forward to it every 6 months.
i love how enlightening and encouraging it is.
it makes me want to be better. and that is always a good thing.
if you would like to have a listen yourself you can here.

the end.

sorry this little note was so random.
like i said, it's been one of those weeks.
fo real.


Jacob said...

i feel ya girlfriend. it has been one of those weeks. hopefully conference can help us. i love it as well!

Lucy said...

Happy Easters.

Sydney said...

Ab-solutely. We definitely do! What do your finals look like this week? Mine actually aren't TOO bad...so just let me know. Maybe we can go out hmmmm...Wed evening?

Launa~Grandma~Mom said...

Stumbled on your blog, it is refreshing to see your comments about conference. I love it also, and have to go to our ward building to watch each session as we don't have it on t.v.