house keeping

the other night a little after 9 o'clock jason
decided to vacuum (i know, great, right!)
a little after that we got a knock on the door.

it was the neighbor below. i guess his beautiful bride
is preggo "and moody". we need to keep it down past 8:30–9.


i think we should soften our steps.

and no more vacuuming after 8.
i hope we can handle that.

maybe i should take them some cookies? lighten the mood a bit.


Haley and Jon said...

Most places quiet time is until 10 or 11 pm. I don't think it is unreasonable that you were vacuuming then.She needs to deal, that's what I think anyway.

Maybe that's a little harsh, but you both live there.

Rowbury Adventures said...

haha that is silly.. I bet she would love cookies! i would if I were moody and pregnant..

Becca's Blog said...

What a moody B!

Seriously...I can't believe that they would dare complain at 9 o'clock.

And, it's not like you live in a 5000 square foot apartment and were going to be vacuuming for hours...maybe 10 minutes. Some people...

Good thing they don't live in Brazil. My mom called the other night at 10:30 PM her time and her neighbor was BLASTING music...like having a dance in a field blasting. It was crazy.

Well, good thing you won't be in Rexburg much longer.

Sorry for the long comment. Maybe I should have just done a post to reply to your post. I just can't stand annoying people. (not you, them.)

LD said...

You can still take them cookies if you want, but there is no way you should feel bad about vacuuming at 9pm. Most places have quiet time from 10 or so until 6. You still had an hour to vacuum, play music, or stomp on the floor. Besides, vacuums make white noise--I have heard of people vacuuming to put their children to sleep. I never get why some people think the world should stop because of their pregnancy. Pregnancy always made me really tired and made me cry easily, but it never made me rage at the neighbors. She should not use it as an excuse to be horrible.
Just my opinion.

Kim-may said...

i think you should throw cookies at their door. i never got that moody while pregnant, but to each their own...i guess.

Unknown said...

If I complain about something, like your too pretty or too sweet, will you bring me some cookies? please!!!!!


Battfam said...

Grumplestiltskin! Plus she made him tell you. Good luck, neighbor.

Becky said...

I'm with everyone on this one... What a preggo-wackjob-bag!! Remember that for after she has the baby... then you can remind them of the quiet time rule-- see how they fair with a crying little one and a no noise schedule!!

lauren said...

haha..I've heard of those types of pregnant ladies...if that were me, I'd ask my husband to see if you would want to come vaccuum our carpet too instead! :)

Oh and yes, I think the cookies idea would be nice.

However...I don't think they deserve them. ! :)

jason said...

My favorite part of the whole situation was the look on his face as he told us that his wife was "moody". He looked a little ragged. He was nice enough though. He said "hey nice T.V." right before he left.

Lucy said...

I'll bet that guy is hatin' it!(his life)

Anonymous said...

I thought that I was being nice. I don't know why you are making a big deal out it. Relax

Unknown said...

Who doesnt love cookies? I'm sure she'll love them ;D

Lindsey said...

Um, I have never lived in an apartment complex, so maybe I don't know the rules, but I think that is strange.
Maybe she was having a really, really bad day and the vacuuming just about did her in. When I was pregnant I was working 60 hours +, so I think vacuuming neighbors would have been the least of my worries. I pretty much slept through anything.
Maybe make her cookies in the shape of a vacuum, or letters that spell shush.

Trevor and Rebecca said...

Oh Geri I miss you, you make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

I tie my boxer to our grill, our outdoor table and a flower stand and she never pulls them over. We had her tied to the fence that borders our house and the neighbor behind us and he came to our door and ask that we not tie her to his fence as Boxers are strong and she could pull it over. He is full of crap! Some people have issues and some have the whole subscription!