a giveaway. (closed)

a giveaway?
this might be really lame and nobody leaves a comment.
or this could be super fun and i could give away some lovely photos!

let's give it a whirl.

go here. check out the photos. decide which ones you're diggin.
next, comment and tell me which one is your very fave.

2 lucky winners will be chosen at random and
will receive their very favorite photo. (yay!)
you can have it printed at 5x7, 8x10 or 11x14 image size.

the giveaway ends tuesday. (because i think april 6 is a cute day)

happy picking!
have a good day!
(it's so close to the weekend i can't even stand it!)

the end.

 it was maybe over a year ago? well. you three lucky
ladies (monica h. + kristie s. + alex e..... soon to be h.)
need to hop on over here and decide which image is your fave.
so! you three chicas, e-mail me your
mailing info + which image + which size.


Taylor said...


I would have to say #14.

My runner up would be #10. But #14 looks like it was taken in the middle of a transaction, like someone is buying the tulips and the person with the sleeves rolled up is handling the flowers. Very outdoor-market-y!

I love your photos!
Good idea for a giveaway!

Jalene said...

oh goodness... i love all of them. so bright and happy.

i think i would choose 12. it belongs in a kitchen or something. :)

but i really like 20, and 11, and 3, and 5!

they are all great, geri! don't you love san-fran?

Rebecca Palm* Gallimaufry Photography* said...

I love #1, #6, and #10-although they are all fantastic!
If I HAD to pick just one, I think it would be #6.

Almost Like Moms said...

I like #9!

Unknown said...

I love them all! But my favorites are 6, 12 and 20. I would probably choose 12, though because I have my kitchen decorated in yellow and that would be PERFECT. :) You do amazing work.

ashley mikell said...

i luv 3 and 5 oooh so cute ger!

dani said...

it's so hard to choose but i think i'll pick #8...or #12. how do i choose?! i love them all! good job:)

the h fam. said...

i'd choose #12 fo sho (that's the lemon one right?)....it would look lovely with my yellow wall in my kitchen.

Annette said...

All so good! My favorites are #3 and #11. I do love the buckets of flowers too! Very pretty!

Jana said...

Oh! I love them all :) 12 is my favorite though!

Unknown said...

i love love love number 14. it is seriously incredible! xo

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures!!!!

My favorite is #19.

Thank you for being so kind Geri :)

Nicole Marie said...

number 14!! so pretty!

McKenzie @ Girl Loves Glam said...

First of all...Geri you are so talented! I would love to win #3! I love it!

Tyrel and Brianne Garner said...

I love these a lot! but 3 is my fave! I want it! I want it I want it! If I dont win I just might have to buy it from you anyway.....

the hawker's said...

i really think numbers 4 and 5 are really charming. i think those are my fave. but right up with those are numbers 12 ad 14. gosh lady, i'm not sure which one i want! maybe 5?? final answer??

i will continue to think on it and let you know. {i love the pay it forward thing, by the way. i need to get on that... woops! also, i am hoping i am one of the lucky winners so i don't have to try to make such a hard decision!}

Cassie said...

#9 for me...but that was too hard to pick.

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Sydney said...

hello friend! {you little popular thing} Of course I'm gonna choose #14 CAUSE ITS ME! They're all stunners though! :)

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love 20. what a great idea!

Bobbi said...

I am loving photo #5. I love flags, I love the blue door. Very cool!

Kenya said...

i adore 14, it is so classicly simple and stunning!

Elder Kenny Brown said...

I pick 14 like many of your viewers. But Geri, I'm such a nerd, I commented earlier on Flickr about what I thought. And then I noticed that no one else had and thought it was weird. But here, there are like 20....so again, I'm a nerd. Some things never change.

Claire Elizabeth said...

I can't decide, I honestly like them all!

Kara Lynn said...

I can't decide betweeen numbers three and eighteen! They are all so pretty!! Love your work ;-)

Michaela said...

How fun, a giveaway on your blog! You should do more of these :) There are all so pretty, but I would choose #3 :)

** Uniquely_Me** said...

I love #3 and #18.. It's such a hard decision because they are all beautiful but since I must only choose one it will have to be #18!!

Kate said...

#3 is lovely! Great idea for a giveaway!

Magen said...

i love #12, love the lemons. the pic would look great in my kitchen.

Catherine said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I am such a city girl and LOVE #2, but I also love #17...I love the colors and perspective! You are a fabulous photographer! Thank you!

Trevor and Rebecca said...

Hey Geri! I hope I'm not too late! I love them all!! You are amazing! But if you happen to draw me as your lucky winner I'd like to have #17.

Thanks you!