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i am making my way to san fran this week with the art department.
(it will be quite an adventure.)

we will be hitting up the major museums and some fun sites (fisherman's
wharf, the japanese tea gardens, saturday morning farmers
market—might be most excited for that one).

i've never been before (so naturally i'm pretty pumped).

there will be some down time so i've got to find some things to do to amuse myself.
(and that doesn't take much to do.)
what are the must-see spots  or must-stop shops?

please tell me all of your favorites.

p.s. does anyone want to take in a stray husband for a few days?
he doesn't smell and he cleans up after dinner. and sometimes he's really funny.
(ok. most of the time he's really funny.)


Jalene said...

yay for san fran!!! you'll love it. you should go to bob's donuts. i think it's on polk st. and sacramento. it's THE best donuts you will ever eat! yum!

Lucy said...

have fun....and we'll take him!

Chloe said...

aww this is soo sweet and when I saw that you are LDS that made you even cooler I will now spend my days reading your blog :)

ashley said...

Jason come visit us!! haha I would love to see your happy self. Ger I have never been either so I have zero suggestions, but have so much fun!

Unknown said...

bob's donuts it is!

chloe: we are pretty darn cool. kidding. kinda. but i'm really glad you stopped by!

kelly : pinetothepacific said...

the weather should be pretty, so try to get on some form of water...pedal boats in stow lake (inside golden gate park) or take the ferry across the bay to tiburon. yay sf!

the h fam. said...

ummmm i have a couch for jason or a treadmill (that's what's in the spare bedroom) and i've never been to san fran. so i guess i'm not much help, BUT i sure hope you have fun!

Anonymous said...

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