snowing hearts

i may or may not have flipped off my teacher in class yesterday
while reenacting this commercialnot my proudest moment.

*the whole flipping off thing was purely an accident.

later, in the studio kelsie + tyler were my love bird models.
it was snowing hearts.
we were happy.
i'm posting more of these gems over here.


Haley and Jon said...

oh cute. what a cute little newly wed couple. how fun geri.

oh-loved the commercial.

Kim-may said...

hey Geri
Lee and I want to set up a photo shoot for little Mitch. Could you email me @ kimhab@gmail.com, so we can figure out a time that works for you and prices etc?

Cassie said...

Ah, these guys are 'snow' cute.

My friend Beth told me today that she checks Orchid's blog site frequently.

I'm pretty sure I could set up a few photo shoots up here if you came and visit. It might even pay for your trip!

Lucy said...

very cute. that's a cute bag on the floor, too.

Caley said...

i love this photo geri! you have the greatest style!

jason said...

That was by far my favorite commercial of the super bowl. I also love the commercial of the little boy sitting in the backseat when his dad goes through the car wash and he makes his dad get a Premium car wash.

jason said...

I think it is a Camry commercial.?

jason said...

p.s. geri, love ya hope your day is great.

Federica said...

Hey, I love this picture, and I read something on your blog, and I love your love story :) how old are you? and where are you from?
I'm italian... and i think i'll continue following your cool blog :)

bye xx

Lauren said...

i love this! suuuuuper cute style.