march 14: and we're done

we drove home.

it was very, very long.
and the time change + daylight saving's time was a real kicker.

and i still need to unpack my gigantic red suitcase.

please, somebody, take me back to san francisco.
it was so nice there.


Lucy said...

very cool. I think I'd like to go with you!

Becca's Blog said...

San Fran looks so fun! I've never been there (other than the airport) but it is on my list. We should do a Furness girl trip to San Franscisco.

DONNA said...

My friend and I went to S.F. last November and spent 5 days. Had a blast. We had the most perfect weather. I will definitely go again! Loved reliving the memories with ya!

Michaela said...

Wow, you guys fit tons into your trip. That's awesome! I love all your pictures, it makes me a tiny bit homesick.
Oh, and Geri you are SO beautiful!