march 13: the market, the woods and the beach

early to rise. early to the farmer's market.
this was probably the part i was most excited for!
i have never been to a more beautiful farmer's market in my little life!
i found this scrumptious little morsel for my breakfast.
can life get better?

i was so invested in the beautiful fruits and vegetables and flowers that
i didn't realize that there was another section of the market on the
opposite side of the street until it was too late. as we drove away it
was all i could do not to jump over everyone in front of me and run into
the mass of homemade items and beautiful goodies.
i will go back.

we rushed to muir woods where the trees tower above you and envelope
you in their shady, natural beauty. it was an interesting opposite from the
urban farmer's market we had just left. the drive to the little forest is
crazy and bendy and makes a girl pretty sick when sitting in the backseat
of a 12 passenger van. but we got there and it was amazing
 no harm done.

our next stop was the beach.
with the very cold water.
but we played in it anyway because we live in idaho and it's not
every day we get to dip our toes into the pacific.

i wrote jason a little message in the sand. (i thought it was romantic.)
as i was taking photos of my little love note i ran into some very cold
problems with the tide. as i ran from the scene of the accident my
finger pressed the shutter. and recieved this blurry momento:
have i ever told you how much i love the ocean?
even cold ones.