march 11: fisherman's wharf, union square and a trip to the mission district

i woke up extra early to secure a seat not in the back for the next 5 hours
to san francisco. (i learn quickly.) this drive was magically not so bad.
and i remembered to apply the deodorant this round.

once we were in san francisco we went straight to fisherman's wharf for
lunch. i pretty much hate seafood. (lame i know. it's so healthy too. dang.)
so a group of other not-so-excited-about-seafood people and i found
ourselves an in and out. it was quite a tasty alternative.
after lunch we hopped on a cable car and did some exploring.
somehow we made our way to union square (where all shoppers die
and go to heaven) and found h&m. where we spent about 2 hours
in 1 store and i spent entirely too much money on some really great items.

next we did some exploring in some not-so-touristy areas in search
of a really fantastic vintage shop. this created lots of walking (18 city blocks),
taking city transportation and getting off the wrong stops (thus the large
number of blocks), and getting a little bit lost in the mission district.
(kind of a shady area.) and i am sad to report that the awesome shop was never
actually found. but at least we saw the beautiful city buildings and some
super interesting corners of san fran.

later that night we had dinner in china town at the clay pot. where it was
all things chinese. and the little lady said "24 pee-po. 7 o-clock." with a very
thick chinese accent. i maybe felt like we were in a scene straight from
rush hour 2. is there a chinese clan of gangsters in sf? if so i have found a
good meeting location where the food is pretty tasty and the below-zero
temperatures keep most tourists out.

the hotel this time was super cute. i have always secretly wanted to stay
at a place with old school signage. (who brags about an elevator + cable tv?)
places like this are so darling. and the bed this time was better by far. it did
smell a bit funky. but the bed was softer and  i slept like a baby. naturally.