i have freckles

it's ok.
he does too.
our poor kids don't stand a chance.
welcome to sunburn city.
oh well, we like sunscreen.

jas and i went on a bit of a date on wednesday because my last class
was canceled and we needed something to cheer us up.

finals are starting..... again.

i like dates

and i like freckles

but i hate finals.


Anonymous said...

you two are very cute.
i like freckles too. i have lots of them myself.

ashley mikell said...

what a handsome couple you two are

Becca's Blog said...

What? Finals already? It's only March. You kids have it so easy these days. In my day Winter semester went until the END of April.

Good luck!

Lucy said...

good luck on finals. Nice pictures, too. (you little frecklies)

Michaela said...

You two are so cute!

Hope finals aren't too bad this semester. But it's almost OVER! Wahoo!

carina said...

I love freckles - get them every summer when I'm in the sun. They look great on both of you:-)

Audrey said...

Favorite post of all time! (probably cuz i am covered in freckles too)!

Cassie said...

Justin told me that he realized that the reason why he was brothers with Mitch was because they both had freckles.
I'll have to show him that the reason why you are his Auntie is because you have freckles too.