today i am sick and it is snowing.

could somebody please pass the blankets and kleenex box?

sick + snow = i need a good classic movie.
today i think it'll be either funny face or roman holiday.

what should it be tomorrow? any recommendations?

all i have to say is that the graduate and casa blanca are out.
(neither were my fave.)

when i was in high school i decided it was about time i had seen the
graduate. so my mom picked it up from the video store and brought
it home for us to watch and that was an experience! definitely not
our thing. can't tell you how strange that movie made us feel. but a
lot of good quotes came from that movie. and casa blanca. (watched
that one around the same time. it was better.)


Annette said...

I'm a HUGE Casa Blanca fan, so I'm not sure what to tell you. But Audrey is always a good pick. Try some Zycam (swear it works!). Hope you feel better soon!

Christian said...

Feel better. Hope you enjoyed your movie! Have a great week!

Lucy said...

sorry you were sick. hope it didn't last long! Litle Women may have been good for that day.