reason 453 why i love my husband

he washed the laundry, folded (all) the clothes, and made the bed.
there was some motive.
we were out of unders.
but i think he might have done it because he likes me lots and lots too.

p.s. i don't like plain white socks.
won't even wear them.

p.s. (again) there are a few new photos up on orchid.
just in case you were interested.


Caley said...

today must be a good day...thomas did all our laundry too! we've got some great guys! ;)

Lucy said...

wowza. Never saw a guy like that before.
maybe it's your valentine's present!

the h fam. said...

i need to invest in some colored socks. your bedding looks very cute btw. i hate it when we're out of unders! do you want to hear a gross story? well even if you don't i'll share: i had a roommate once upon a time and when she would run out of clean unders (brace yourself this is a bit nastay) she would then wear them inside out.
yup. true story.
oh the joys of roommates!
hope you have a clean under day!!!

Kate said...

Impressive most men can't seem to work the washing machine!

Kate x

Jacob said...

i dont like plain white socks either! colored assortments are the best!
:) have a happy day!