our song

so i'm going to get a little personal with y'all here for a minute.
when we started dating i loved bubbly by colbie caillat. (or maybe i just
loved colbie caillat.) i made jason listen to it (and fidelity, regina spektor)
a million times (pretty sure he was into it too). colbie was singin her
tunes when i got ready for our first (blind) date. and bubbly was playing
again on the radio when i first realized i was falling for the boy.

last night jason and i went to probably (absolutely!) the best concert we've
ever been to. it was only grammy-winning colbie caillat. (and it was so-o good.)

i'm pretty sure i cried a little bit. bubbly. she finished off the show with it.
we stood up and danced in front of our seats. (don't worry, everyone was
standing + swaying. it was the encore. it wasn't strange. promise.)
i know that there are some peeps that are so over that little diddy,
but it's pretty much our song. and we'll always love it. and we were happy.

ok. the end.

oh! and the guy that opened for her (justin young) was so fantastic! (i love me
some nice bob marley-esc groovin.) he was straight from hawaii and this song
honestly stole my heart last night!


Anonymous said...

I hate being move to tears at concert, I always feel so embarassed. But the emotion is real and itsgood to embrace.

the h fam. said...

i like it when you get a little personal with us! i like that song by justin young too, we have some polynesian friends (straight from hawaii :) ) that sing it with their ukuleles...love it!

Michael- said...

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Lucy said...

sounds like one good concert!!

Christine Ashley said...

can I just say that I love your blog and absolutely LOVE your Orchid Photography site? my goodness, it's gorgeous!

I'm a fan.

Kayla said...

I was crushed when I found out I missed Colbie Caillat in Pocatello! She's incredible and totally my favorite. Your blog is lovely <3