my valentines flowers came in a box.

i know that this commercial says that i'm
not supposed to like flowers in a box.


i love tulips.
i love packages in the mail.
i love flowers that come in a box!

plus i've always wanted to get a box of flowers in the mail.
i told jason this a while ago. i guess he was listening. hmmm.

happy valentine's weekend!

jas and i don't have our plans made for tomorrow night.
oh what to do, what to do.
but i'm good.
(i got flowers in a box.)
and they are so happy and pretty.


Lucy said...


Bobi... said...

So sweet when the hubby's do what we want them to! How fun for you!

Bobbi said...

They are so pretty! What a lucky lady! :)

Luuuuuluuuuu said...

so sweeeeeeeeeeet~~`lovely flowers and sweeet heart~

Battfam said...

I love tulips also. You are a lucky little lady.

Cassie said...

Getting tulips from your Valentine is the best! Happy Valentine's Day!

kathleen said...

Soo pretty. Those would have made me happy, too!

kifmaster said...

Cute blog : )

Jacob said...

yay! i got tulips too! and they are pink too. my fav.