my favorite color is not gray.

but it's a very gray day today.
(and yesterday. and the day before.)

i'm hoping for some sunshine sometime in the near future.


Jalene said...

you should come south (to logan). these are the first blue skies i've seen in a long time! it's so beautiful outside and the snow is melting! yay!

Battfam said...

I'm not a huge gray fan either, but I do like a gray-blue contrasted with orange like you caught in the photo. The sky has a little more blue in the gray in late fall or early spring, but the photo you posted is still very pretty.

Jacob said...

yes, i hear you. here too. i can not wait for the sunshine! you are beautiful! and so is all your work! ps, i like parties in my hair too!

k said...

me too.

Lucy said...

We want sunshine, too. That dumb groundhog!