last night

my mom and i watched lindsey vonn's downhill run again.
then we watched as she hugged her husband and cried.

and then we maybe cried a little bit too.

i really like the olympics.
(and i think jason's addicted.)

p.s. lately i have been so into the mama's and the papa's.
(a little 60s is always in style.)
so in love with this lovely little tune from mama cass.

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(sorry my player is mammoth! technical stuff makes me angry.)
(the song is still fantastic though.)


Amber Noella said...

I love that song! And I'm sorta addicted to the Olympics as well!

Mandy. said...

I adore you and that little song.♥
Yours, MissTandy

Lucy said...

Love the song and the downhill race. What the?? you sold your camera. way to go.