it has come to my attention

image here.

our generation has been misinformed about pottery.

because of the classic 1990 movie ghost we have been led to believe
that there is something overwhelmingly romantic about clay moving
through our hands on the wheel. (there is even a sign on the door to
to the ceramics lab at school that reads "no dates.")

can i just say that there is nothing romantic about pottery?


not a thing.

me + clay? not so tight.


Bobi... said...

Ooh! I took a pottery class once and I absolutely loved it! Maybe you and pottery will get tighter as time goes on :)

the h fam. said...

i took a pottery class in high school. my projects weren't graded too hard, so i kinda liked it. i'm sure you're fabulous at it! you're good at everything you do!

Kim-may said...

I feel ya. lee and I took that class last summer, and Lee was good, i sucked. And i laughed when i first saw that sign "no dates" but then after a few classes, we saw people who attempted to do it. dummies.

Lucy said...

Glad I wasn't planning on making any pottery...ever.

Annette said...

What, when are in class you DON'T have the music to Unchained Melody playing in the background and your teacher ISN'T a Patrick Swayze look alike? Probably not worth an audit then, I guess.