le book

she is an absolutely darling person and one amazing photog!
(remember when i went to art weekend? so great. so worth it. so going again.)

weeeelll, i ordered her book.
(and the loveland's books as well. because i'm a junky.)

and it came in the mail yesterday!
(have i ever told you how much i lalalalove packages
in the mail? they totally make my week actually.)

cracked it open the second i got it. (duh.) and it's seriously fantastic.
all of the photo basics explained so plainly. i've taken lots of photo
classes and this book covered what was taught through semesters in chapters.

plus it's a fun read! (can life get better?)

jason kept snagging it from me all night. i had to take him down a few
times to get it back from him. (and he's not even that into photography.)

so if you're thinkin you want to know a bit more about photography
or how to take some control of your slr you betta be buyin this book.

and that's all i have to say about that.
(was that almost an infomercial?)


dani said...

this was the perfect post because i was wanting to know what someone thought of the books before i ordered them. thanks geri:)

Kristin said...

Visting from a little sussy, and so totally agree with you! I am a beginner, and it is the first book that makes sense to me and it's a great read! I'll be reading it again and again!

Jboo said...

Just got mine in the mail too-- what a great book and looks absolutely beautiful! Visiting from Nicole's site. Have a great day.


deBBie said...

Looks like an interesting book. I am thinking about taking a photography class. Nice to find other lds blogs.