i make sunday dinner look good.

it tasted delightful too.

jason's favorite sunday dinner is roast and potatoes.

i used to be scared to make it (because of the gravy part).
but then i made it every sunday for about 2 months and ever
since then i've got gravy-makin down. there were some not
so good times in the middle there though. there was gravy soup
and then one time (no. i think it was 2 times) there was gravy
pudding (one of those times we had friends over. sad. i know.)

lesson learned: don't make gravy-makin harder than it needs to be.
it's just gravy.


Rowbury Adventures said...

Yummy! we're coming to your house for dinner from now on!

the hawker's said...

so domestic.
looks delicious!

Bobi... said...

You really do make dinner look good! Mine never looks so well organized! We just plop it on the table and go for it! :)

Lucy said...

Your Sunday dinner does look good. Sunday dinner is pretty important sometimes. Especially when you're HUNGRY.

Annette said...

Once in college I tried to make gravy from chicken bullion cubes and it turned out a not-so-lovely shade of green. Hard to eat mashed potatoes when they look like someone sneezed on them...

Bobbi said...

Job Well Done! Looks devine!