i like a little party in my hair.

i am maybe a little obsessed.
would you like to see all of the headbands?
there are several.
p.s. window light beats studio every day.
(i am kind of done with this class.)


Emily Frame said...

this just gave me wicked spring fever.

Audrey said...

super cute ger! i want the big flower one! also, i think you may have left one of your peachy ones here when you got your hair done. (i may or may not have been wearing it!) hehe

k said...

these are breath taking... i like a good party in my hair, too. i can't wait for summer...

speaking of... yes, we've decided the summer here will be better than the winter (right, right?)

we would love to play games! we only know a handful of people here, and they're either single, or have 2+ kids... so we are kind of on our own.

where is the best place to ice-skate?

Lucy said...

good photos, too.
very cute

Amber Noella said...

So adorable!!