i like dates, printmaking and spock.

the other day (oh wow. i think it was jan. 1. that's not really the other
day is it?) jason and i went to dinner and rented a $1 movie. star trek.
we maybe really liked it! who knew i was born to be a treky?
(do you like me headband/ear warmer? jas got it for me for christmas.
totally love it for these ear-chilling winter days. thanks bud.)

so life is a titch crazy right about now.
new semester. new classes. new schedules. yep.

but i'm in ceramics (first time touching clay=finding clay in
your hair/on you cheeks/anywhere imaginable) i'm certainly
no natural. but i think i might really like it. (it's possible)

i'm in printmaking as well. i fell hard for this one!
there is just something about the smell of ink and making a design
with my hands (no computer involved) that is so—magical.
(like making prints with film and a dark room)
love it!

jason's in zoology.
there's a darling baby cheetah on the front of his giant book
so naturally i thought i'd like it. but the stuff on the inside is horrific.
(diagrams of cells and such, complicated math and super boring definitions.)
but he's also in biochemistry (double gag). go figure.

i'm happy that he's into all of that stuff.
he goes to class and reads and learns and then comes home and
tells me about the interesting parts. that's my kind of science class!

i'm all sorts of boring today!
come back tomorrow. maybe there'll be something interesting.

live long and prosper.


Amber said...

Love zoology! But it is my major! Also LOVED star trek! I only knew captain kirk and spock. All the other characters I had no clue who they were... Guess I needed a hot actor to get me involved with the storyline.. haha. Love the headband. It suits you very well. :)

Lucy said...

you're never boring.
The classes sound very interesting. Maybe you can make me something for my birthday. It's coming up you know.

dani said...

love the headband:)

Bobi... said...

You're too cute! If I tried to sport me a cutie headband like that... the headband wouldn't be so cutie anymore!

Risa said...

You guys are adorable.