i gave jason a man-bag for christmas.

he totally loves it.
me too. 

it's for church and now he can put all of his heavy
man things in his own man bag! we tried it out today.
it was the best sunday of my life.

he told me he has granola bars in there and  his
scriptures and his lesson manuals and a bag of jerky and
gum and his pens and a note book and his (heavy) binder.

i told him good job.

p.s. all the food is because he has early morning meetings
and gets pretty famished later on in the day.
p.p.s. i think it's very manly.


Annette said...

I'm a "Friends" fan and it totally reminds me of Joey's Man Bag. LOVE it! Tell him good job on the snacks. I bring snacks too, for my "kids" of coarse!Ü

Bobi... said...

I love man bags! I think they're hot!

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

that's such a good looking man bag!

i convinced my husband to carry one finally when i found a vintage army gas mask bag. i think he feels manly with it...even though he was never in the military :).

Becca's Blog said...

Jerky at church? All I can say is it's a good thing he's packing gum too!

Amber said...

That is a very manly man bag. It reminds me of that progressive commercial where the guy is carrying a "man bag" but it really looks like his wife's purse! Love it! No one would mistake this for yours. Job well done! :)

Lucy said...

That is a nice bag. The strap would help in carrying it, too. Dad's has two little handles that look kind of hard to carry to me. It was dumb and expensive at that store that sells the bag w/ all the calandar pages. He never even filled in one page! I'm trying to think of the name of that place. It is wayyyyyyyy over rated.

Unknown said...

love that bag! man bags are adorable and this one's perfect. i may have to snatch one up for my boyfriend! xo

the h fam. said...

and i'm excited to have a reason to bring treats to church.
i do on occassion (i did a lot when i was pregnant), sometimes ben gets annoyed, like the time i brought hot tamales. they were extremely loud in the box every time i went for a hand full.

JMay said...

haha, love this!

Guys look so sophisticated with man purses, love em! :-)