somebody stole my slipperboots.

i'd like them back now. please.

it couldn't have been me. i looked everywhere. (i think.)
even under the bed.

my sad, frozen feet need them. real bad.

i have to sit on them while i work. that just creates
circulation problems. plus one foot feels neglected
while it's the other foot's turn to get warm.

slipperboots are the only cure.

has anyone seen these in stores this season?
i found mine last winter at old navy and now they are
sadly falling apart a bit. (actually now they are mia.)
if anyone has seen them pa-leeease let me know!


Bobi... said...

Old Navy has them again this year. And they're super cute!

Audrey said...

Geri I haven't seen your sweater boots BUT how interesting is it that I am wearing some I found that look just like yours! (heehee jk)
Saw them at walmart too.... liked the striped grey ones the best!

Bobbi said...

No...it was not me that took your boots. However, Gap has some pretty nice ones this year online. Check in your trunk. That is where I found my checkbook I lost for a week!

C & S said...

hey geri, those are super cute boots, sorry their missing. so sad... i'll keep my eyes open. Hey so thanks for the congrats on Colt's dental school. It made me think if we ever told Jason congradulations for getting into school. I will say i'm jealous you will be in california. hehe but really tell him congradulations, he deserves it!

Lucy said...

Have you asked Jason? Maybe their with your floral pants that DI wanted back.

Battfam said...

Sounds like the perfect reason to buy a new pair. You said your old ones were a little worn anyway. You NEED them.

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

old navy's got sweater boots, but none quite as cute as those.

p.s. i like the new header. very festive :).