my tires are studs.

i work in driggs a few times a week. (i took this photo on my way home
tuesday) therefore i needed studded tires. got them on last sat. and
i am a believer. (i always have been. but i skipped a few years of getting
studs of tires. don't know why. they're pretty much fantastic.)

jason can't even do twirlies very well will my studs. and you
better believe he's tried. (several times.)

p.s. driggs is beautiful. but the roads are a tiny bit frightening.
i've only white knuckled it once so far, so i'm doing real good.


Battfam said...

Pretty picture, but I think Farmer Jones need to get that equipment in the shed and out of the snow. Continued good luck with the drives.

Lucy said...

Kind of a nasty drive in the winter, but I don't know a prettier drive in the spring/summer.
I like that picture, but it kind of makes me shiver.

Scott and Lindsey said...

Oh, I hate driving in the snow.
This time of year I want to move to CA.

MommaHobbs said...

So what are you driving to Driggs for? Do you wave at the Egbert home place as you pass?

McKenzie @ Girl Loves Glam said...

You have the cutest blog ever. Your pictures are amazing by the way. You will have to take some pictures for me some time! And I have to agree about the laser tag thing!!! We need to go again!

the dingbat (Adrienne) said...

Be thankful you decided to get studs, you're gonna need them! BTW, I noticed yesterday that the tractor is still sitting in the same spot as in your photo, I think it might be parked there for the winter. Good luck with finals!

Sheen said...

i found your blog through my long time friend... ade.

love your photography! i just got a new camera and i'm trying to learn the ropes of it all. you do beautiful work!

i believe that tractor & field is on my family farm. :) i grew up my whole life where ade lives. just down the road of course. i LOVE driggs! as sucky as the winter is there... the summer & fall make up for it!

happy to find you!