i made 100 purple cranes

or maybe 30(ish). and then i hung them (jason's sissie
kendall helped me. she's got longer arms than i do.)
on a tree on a busy side street in rexburg. i am quite the
guerilla artist. but not the graffiti/destructive type.
and by the way, i'm a freaking genius at making origami cranes.
it was all that paper folding practice i tell ya!
looked it up on youtube. now i'm pro.

this lady is a real good teacher. best one i found.
(there are some real doozies. trust me.)

finals are over (phewph!) and i want to take a nap.
like bad.


jasmine said...

awww! they look so pretty! and they're in my favorite color too! :)

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

what a fun thing to do! love this.

Haley and Jon said...

was this for finals?

Becca's Blog said...

I've always wondered what kind of people randomly decorate trees, etc. Now I know. Was it an assignment or were you just decompressing after finals?

Annette said...

How fun! Love the color against the winter background! I bet that tree cheered up a few cold people walking down that street.

MommaHobbs said...

Geri I tried to find your purple cranes! they must have flown away!!! were they in front of porters?

Unknown said...

i made the cranes for an advanced type project (i to write a booklet on guerilla art).

they were in front of porters.

it took lots and lots of hours. but now i can make one rockin piece of origami!

k said...

ah! i love it. do it again, please!

Alma said...

This totally makes me want to do that!! That is so much fun and makes the tree look happy in the winter!