this morning

i totally pulled over on the side of
the busiest street in our little town,
threw on the hazards and lost my
breakfast. (slimfast and vitamins)

i'm sorry to any and all who had to
witness. i can just hear the convos
little, innocent children had to have
with their moms after that.

maybe i'll be all better tomorrow?
(i really, really hate mondays.)


Becca's Blog said...

At least it wasn't chunky. Except for the vitamins I guess.

Rowbury Adventures said...

haha oh no that is no fun at all!! I hope you feel better soon!

Battfam said...

Maybe you should still be in bed. Take care.

Kayleen said...

I'm so sorry Geri! I hope you get better soon!! Let me know if you need anything. I have a feeling you won't, but please don't be afraid to ask if you can think of anything!

ashley mikell said...

Geri!!!! Oh no! I'm so sorry. But I know what will cheer you up. I sent you a lovely invitation to your email. Please check it soon!

Lucy said...

Maybe you better just have toast for breakfast??

the h fam. said...

don't ya hate that? last winter i had to pull over and i threw up chocolate slim fast! only it wasn't the flu, just a simple case of morning sickness. anyways, i'm sorry you're still sick. i sure hope you get feeling better soon!