things are looking up.

i think that all this stay-home-and-don't-leave-
because-you're-sick stuff has gotten to me.
and all that catching-up-from-missing-seven-days-
stuff has gotten to my buddy jas.

time to lighten the mood 'round here.

i prescribe a picnic in the park.
even if it is just a hot & ready.
(maybe today, before it gets too cold for such things.)

(photo from last fall—when we used to be fun like that)

pretty pumped for this weekend because i'll be going here:

and i wish wish wish there was time to go here:

but i'll be busy there.
if i could go here i would stop here + here + here + here.
(just sayin)


Anonymous said...

Hey I think that my cousin is going to Nicole's class...if you meet a Katelyn Foutch say hi! Have so much fun and learn lots. And feel better!

the hawker's said...

so excited!!! absolutely can't wait! let's talk details soon!

Cassie said...

Have fun! And that pizza totally made me want some.

dani said...

i'm so jealous! i hope you had fun!