sometimes i lose my phone

like everyday.

this is twice in two days.

i think i really lost it this time.

if anyone happens upon an orange
phone feel free to let me know.

no, it's not the one behind me on the counter.
(my buddy and i have matching phones. that's right.)

last night was went to the music man
(jason's sissie was in the high school musical.
she did so good and looked so darling.)

i brought mambas and bubble gum.
(because it's a 2 hour play)

and then i blew huge bubbles.
and jason shook his head.


Rowbury Adventures said...

you are so cute! and me and my mom went to that play! we only made it till the intermission.. How was the rest of the play!! good luck on finding your phone, I'm that way with my keys! UH

Battfam said...

The feeling of knowing something is lost is not good. (I've had that feeling a lot in my life.) It bugs. Good luck.

Lucy said...

just don't let your phone get in the bottom of a dumpster. I've had to get mine out of there 2 times.