so fantastic!

back from art weekend.
it was so amazing. so amazing.

my pal al and i drove down to slc togetha and
ashley + jordy let us camp out at their humble
abode. (thanks a mil dudes you and your french
toast and homemade grape juice rock for real.)

nicole gerulat (from a little sussy) is so genuinely sweet
and unbelievably talented. we also took classes from
alma + mike loveland who were so awesome!

totally signing up for next time.
they will have the new schedg up in january.
(yes. it was that good.)

here are some images from tabletop photography:
(i fell completely in love with
tabletop photography by the way.)


jasmine said...

so cool!!! i'm totally jealous! i hope they someday do an art weekend in the LA/OC area. i love your diet coke picture...it's totally making me want one, except i'll have regular because i don't like fake sugar.

jasmine said...

and p.s. i love your new banner. :)

nicole hill gerulat said...

awesome pictures, geri.. thanks for coming -great to meet you!