not so single

tonight jason and i went to FHE with our singles ward.
(i know we're not single. jason is part of a bishopric in
a singles ward = we go to a singles ward now.)

we both got hit on.

it was a little weird.

then we ate some canadian candies and went home.

i think next time we should wear name tags. that could
help the inevitable awkward situations. i think his should
read "bishopric member" and mine should say "his wife"
with a really big arrow pointing in his general direction.


MommaHobbs said...

I'll help make the signs!!! unless of course you change your mind and want Jason to get a bit jealous of the guys hitting on you:) I'm thinkin it might be good for him:)

the h fam. said...

haha that's funny! isn't it weird to hang out with single boys and girls after being married. i'm so glad i'm out of the awkward boys trying to flirt stage! but if you want to rock that stage, you go girl!

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

so awkward, but awesome.

i love that you casually threw in the factoid about eating canadian candies too. perfect.

Kim-may said...

ugh...that IS awkward.

Annette said...

How funny! I didn't know that you guys were in a singles ward. I remember after being married for a while, whenever we'd be around lots of single kids, I was always so grateful for Justin. At least you give them something to shoot for. Ü

McKenzie @ Girl Loves Glam said...

Dave and I are in a single's ward too! That happened to us at the opening social! What ward are you guys in? And what stake? It gets better, I promise!

Bobi... said...

Of course you got hit on Geri... you're totally adorable! :)