i like falling down houses

and alex and i did a photo shoot here.

it was exciting. and almost spooky.
it was also freezing.
and it was for a photog assignment.

someday (when i get time to edit them)
i'll post more photos of this shoot.

jason's feeling better (i am tired of updates about being
sick. i bet you're tired of hearing it.) and he went to school
for the first time in like 2 weeks today. (not to worry, he's
super student. he'll bounce right back into action.)

weeeell, i got a job working with letterpress!
can i just tell you how absolutely excited i am about this?
i will be working with an amazing designer, adrienne berry.
at dingbat press. check out the blog and the etsy.
(so PUMPED!)

and one last thing: i really really really think these are amazing.

alright. time to eat dinner.
(shepherd's pie. one of jason's faves. he sure is spoiled isn't he.)


Becky said...

What a cool job! Do you do it from home or where is it at? They have really cute stuff... Good for you!! And we're glad Jason is feeling a little better!

Caley said...

that's such a cool picture! so, i think alex took pictures of my interior design senior class. they were amazing...you should def check them out! :)

the hawker's said...

love the photo ger! and congrats on the job! you are going to rock it! love you!

um...round two?? i think you know what i mean.


ashley mikell said...

I love that you got that job! Congrats!!

Cassie said...

Yea for the fun job!
Glad the two of you are up and at it again.

the h fam. said...

cute cute alex!

the dingbat (Adrienne) said...

Excited to have you working for me! See you Friday :)