i like falling down houses

and alex and i did a photo shoot here.

it was exciting. and almost spooky.
it was also freezing.
and it was for a photog assignment.

someday (when i get time to edit them)
i'll post more photos of this shoot.

jason's feeling better (i am tired of updates about being
sick. i bet you're tired of hearing it.) and he went to school
for the first time in like 2 weeks today. (not to worry, he's
super student. he'll bounce right back into action.)

weeeell, i got a job working with letterpress!
can i just tell you how absolutely excited i am about this?
i will be working with an amazing designer, adrienne berry.
at dingbat press. check out the blog and the etsy.
(so PUMPED!)

and one last thing: i really really really think these are amazing.

alright. time to eat dinner.
(shepherd's pie. one of jason's faves. he sure is spoiled isn't he.)


Becky said...

What a cool job! Do you do it from home or where is it at? They have really cute stuff... Good for you!! And we're glad Jason is feeling a little better!

Caley said...

that's such a cool picture! so, i think alex took pictures of my interior design senior class. they were amazing...you should def check them out! :)

alexandria said...

love the photo ger! and congrats on the job! you are going to rock it! love you!

um...round two?? i think you know what i mean.


ashley mikell said...

I love that you got that job! Congrats!!

Cassie said...

Yea for the fun job!
Glad the two of you are up and at it again.

Hobley's said...

cute cute alex!

the dingbat (Adrienne) said...

Excited to have you working for me! See you Friday :)