a date

for the first time in a (very, very) long time jason and i went
on a date. with his (soon to be marriage) sister.

i have been dying (almost) to see 500 days of summer. from
the first preview is was bated. well. tonight we went to the $3
movie, got large popcorns + rootbeers and enjoyed ourselves
some summer. it was perfect. that movie is so quirky and off
and strange. i think it might be my favorite.

maybe it was the music that got me. (so fantastic.)

maybe i was just happy to be at the movies.

maybe it was just happy to be on a date.

we are out of school for a week for thanksgiving (thank
goodness sakes) it's heavenly. so happy for the break. so happy
to see family (specially those ones we don't get to see very
much – that might be everyone.) and go to a wedding (jason's
sissie) and so happy to eat delicious food until we're all the
way full. (but when we're full we'll stop. i hope.)

today i finished a project for photog and edited these beauties.
hop over to orchid for a looksie. if you'd like.


Battfam said...

Sounds like a fun date night. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lucy said...

Yea for dates. We have trouble even watching movies at home. Took the last two red boxes back without even watching them. dang
see you on Thanksgiving!!

Rowbury Adventures said...

It was good to see you on Sat! You are always soo cute! I'll probably be seeing you this week at the wedding festivities!

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

i'm jealous. i wanted to see this, but i didn't think it was still around. i may have to check and see if i can find it at any of the cheap theaters. i completely adore zooey deschanel!