we've been pals forever

it's sad when things change and friends move away.
but dawn's moving to California (Long Beach area)
to serve a mission. so i guess it's ok.

for a proper send off we had some girl time at johnny carinos (baked
cheese tortellini is always a favorite) and next to cold stone because
you always need something sweet after dinner. always.

see ya later dawn. i'll write you a letter.


Lucy said...

Yea for Dawn. She's do such a good job. You look kind of like Aunt Jenny in that picture!
Good friends, good food, good fun.

the h fam. said...

i don't know dawn, i don't think...but she looks really familiar. what's her last name? i always do girls days at carinos (we should try it sometime), but i get the spicy ramona chicken pasta. it's the bomb. oh and i'll be calling you about the pics!!!!!! I'M STOKED!!