ten true things.

i've done been tagged. (by the lovely ms. tandy.)
it's been a while.
hope you don't mind another round of randomness.

. i get crazy headaches (the type that make ya puke) and
the only cure is ibuprofen + 20 oz of strait up coke.

. stoplights that turn green just for me make my day.

. my feet are cold today. i sit on them, and then they fall
asleep. that's why i am so in love with my slipperboots.

. i wash my hair every (other) day.

. commercials aggravate me. jason taught me to push mute.
i've been happy ever since. (nope we don't have dvr. no fast
forward in this house hold.) BUT! this commercial is my
favorite and i'll listen to it any time. don't know why. actually
i do. pretty sure it's her voice and maybe the light.

. quite the little book nerd. and i admit to judging books
by the covers. sorry, but it's true.

. not looking forward to winter/ice/scraping windshields.
(totally wishing i had a garage to park the car in. or i could
settle for a washer/dryer combo in the apartment-hold.)

. i wasn't kidding about the letterpress. it's my newest
obsession. so in love.

. brushing my teeth always makes me feel clean and fresh.
(even though i wasn't such a fan when i was little. it was
kind of a fight. good thing i got over that.)

. i love glasses! love them. all shapes, all sizes. (that's why
jason's service prog. made me so happy.) all of the glasses
featured in the photo are from jason's project. (they got
some real doozies!)


Anonymous said...

cute little list you have here. i like the letterpress too! and the covers are always what catches your eye when it comes to books. it's only human nature.


Bobi... said...

You're cute! Love the cat lady glasses and the out of this world sunglasses on the bottom row! Right on!

Lucy said...

Big glasses must have been the style at some point. You seem to have gathered quite a few real biggies. Bobi's right, the cat eyes have it!
I like that commercial, too. Never seen it before today, though. Sorry about your windshields. Glad that I don't deal with that.......but when the garage is too full, Dad sure does.

Mandy. said...

Loved all the little random things.
You seem totally amazing.*smile*
Happy day dear.