reason 824 why i love my husband

he did really good at all his interviews.
and is coming home today.
(and maybe got an acceptance e-mail from
one of the schools already. not telling which
one! ok. it was cali. that didn't last long.)

with all this coming and going of his i have this
song in my head lots and lots. and my boyfriend's
coming back tonight. pretty happy about that.


the h fam. said...

love the jam! way to go jas-o. cali will love you guys and idaho will miss you. that is if you go to cali, although i do know that you were rooting for cali, maybe the rooting helped, or maybe jason just rocks interviews, either way...YAY!

Audrey said...

YAY for Jason and YAY for you (to have him home)!
Now this is where it gets tricky... trying to make this BIG decision!! Just know whever you go, Sissy Sue will come visit you!

jasmine said...

oh my gosh, you must be so excited that he's coming home! and an acceptance letter already? woo! congratulations, jason!

dani said...

yay! that is so exciting! cali is amazing and you will love it there:)

if you choose to go there because it seems like you'll have several places to choose from. good job jason!

Cassie said...

Yahoo, Jason! Fun times are headed your way.

Bobbi said...

That's FANTASTIC news! I bet you are happy to have all of these interviews out of the way and your hubby home with you. :)

ashley mikell said...

wahoo! that's so great that he's back and about the acceptance!
love and miss you two!

the hawker's said...

yes yes yes!
congrats guys!

and i am lovin this little diddy! you have great taste in tunes ger!


Lucy said...

I have a bet going that he gets accepted to every school he applied to. bet ya!

merlene said...

Great news Jason & Geri!!! Good picture of your man, we are also happy he is home safe. Love Ya both Gram

Amber said...

That's so exciting! I'm totally jealous.. Wish I was moving somewhere exciting like cali..Good luck!

Michaela said...

That's so great that he did so well with interviews and got into you're #1!!!! YAY! So is it off to Southern Cal for you two? How did he like PA? That's my favorite :) (though I have no idea what the school is like, lol) Bet it's good to have your bf back!! :)