the letterpress stole my heart.

an assignment for adv. type was to set type and print
on the letterpress. i'm only half done, i have to run them
through again with a second color for a dingbat, but i
am still proud of them and think they are beautiful.
i decided i want to do this for the rest of my life.
this and take photographs. (wouldn't that be wonderful!)

school swallowed me again.
it usually does.
but at least i'm still alive.

jason has gotten offers from several more schools
for interviews. it's a pretty exciting time right now!
it will be nice to know where we will be headed.

also, we've become a bit addicted to peaches.
not a bad thing to be addicted to.
pretty tasty actually. and quite nutritious.

jason and i are headed out of town this weekend for SLC.
i think we'll stand in line and see if we can't get to go to
general conference on saturday morning. we're so excited.
we look forward to it twice a year!

the words make you feel inspired and encouraged.
give it a watch/listen.
it's pretty much like a breath of fresh air.


Haley and Jon said...

I like the letterpress print, but the thing about peaches is only partially true! (this is Jonny by the way) When we were little kids, Jason would crack open bottle after bottle of my mom's canned peaches, and could usually down a bottle by himself within a sitting or two. (Jason, since you forgot your childhood, maybe this will help you remember). haha Oh, Jason, you also used to try tricks on the trampoline, but were too nervous to do back flips straight back, so you twisted a little every time. You realized that it was kind of cool with a twist front flip, and I'm not sure if you ever learned how to do a real back flip!!? haha (sorry for the long comment, I just remembered and I thought I would share before I forgot!) Love you guys!! Congrats on more interviews!!

Lucy said...

Choices get harder when there are more and more. Good luck to you!
have fun in SLC. Enjoying it down here ourselves, by the way.

Bobi... said...

Have fun at conference -and in SLC-love that place! Make sure you go to the Mayan while you're down that direction! :)

mckenzie said...

i LOVE this! It is beautiful. Is typography difficult??

Battfam said...

Even though school is eating you, it looks like you have some fun classes. Good Luck!

Annette said...

Your posts are so fun to read. I love them. Hope you have fun in SLC. That would be awesome to go to conference. When I was a kid, we'd stand in line forever and just barely miss getting in. Then we'd go and watch it in the Joseph Smith building or someplace like that. That was before the new conference building though. Congrats on all the interview offers. It will be fun to hear where you go next.

Kim said...

I LOVE letterpress. These are pretty.